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About Bremen

Welcome to Bremen – "A Good Town"

Bremen, Indiana, is a tight-knit community where families thrive and businesses prosper. Grounded in small-town values and boosted by ongoing development, the town offers ample opportunities. Situated along US Route 6 between Nappanee and LaPaz, Bremen has experienced significant growth, particularly in the revitalization of its historic downtown. It's a place people choose to call home, work, and raise their families, truly earning its reputation as "A Good Town."

Proud to be a Bremenite

Bremen exudes a tangible sense of community pride that's impossible to miss. Our town's deep affection is a legacy carried forward by multigenerational families and continuously nurtured by the stories of newcomers embraced into our fold. United by a common aspiration to uplift both our city and our fellow residents, our strength and camaraderie shine bright.

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Explore Our Town

Bremen is a hub of enthusiasm for connecting through community events. We're home to five lovely parks offering a range of amenities, from swimming pools to athletic fields, kayak river access, and indoor rental spaces. Our calendar also features annual events like the Firemen's Festival, Summer's End Festival, Oktoberfest, and the Holy Walk, all anchored by our bustling downtown. Take a leisurely stroll through local shops and enjoy a meal at quaint restaurants tailored for families.

Where is Bremen, Indiana?

Situated in Northern Indiana, we enjoy friendly neighbors in Nappanee and LaPaz. Our town accommodates Bremen Public Schools and is enriched by 16 local churches. A short 30-minute drive lands you amidst Notre Dame football fans in South Bend, and within an hour, you can reach the inviting shores of Lake Michigan for a beach day.


Bremen by the Numbers

According to the 2021 Census, Bremen's population is recorded at 4,642 residents. This positions Bremen as Indiana's 139th largest city, outpacing both Ligonier and Greendale.

We've got a real soft spot for our town, and we're pretty sure you'll catch the vibe too! Bremen is a place with something special for everyone. Whether you're just passing through or thinking about putting down roots, we're genuinely thrilled to have you join us!

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