Boards and Commissions

Learn who's in charge of what and familiarize yourself with the good people of Bremen and how they are contributing to the community.

Town Council
  • Bill Daily: President

  • Jim Leeper: Vice-President

  • Rick Graverson: Member

  • Mike Leman: Member

  • Trend Weldy: Director of Operations


  • Rick Graverson: Electric, Water & Street

  • Jim Leeper: Cemetery, Waste, and Clerk

  • Michael Leman: Park and Police Dept.

  • Bill Daily: Legal and Fire Dept.

  • Trend Weldy: Appt. to Marshall County Solid Waste Management Dist.


  • Janet Anglemyer: Clerk

  • Carol Young: Deputy Clerk

  • Anthony Wagner: Attorney

  • Trend Weldy: Director of Operations

  • Babette LaFree: Deputy Clerk Utility

  • Cathy Holderman: Utility Clerk

  • Brad Thornton: Administrative Assistant


Plan Commission
  • Mike Huppert: President

  • Jill Hassel: Vice President

  • Erika Leman

  • Kent Reed

  • Roger Mikel

  • Joe Mullen



Board Of Zoning Appeals
  • Mike Huppert

  • Steve Klapp

  • Kent Reed

  • Norman Rowe

  • Erika Leman

  • Jeff Clark



Town Engineer
  • Jones Petrie Rafinski



Bremen Economic Development Commission
  • Dennis Bilinksi

  • Larry Grebe

  • Joe Stiles



Bremen Economic Development Corporation
  • Jay Stoneburner

  • David R. Holmes

  • Trend Weldy: Director of Operations



Bremen Redevelopment Commission
  • Tony Tatich

  • Mike Venable

  • Todd Stockman

  • Larry Grebe

  • Dennis Bilinski

  • Joe Stiles


 Bremen Redevelopment Authority
  • Bill Davis

  • Greg Miller

  • Marion (Bud) Mikel



Director of Economic Development - Building Commissioner
  • Trend Weldy: Director of Operations

  • Brad Thornton: Administrative Assistant



Marshall County Economic Development Corp. (MCED)
  • Greg Miller



Park & Recreation Board
  • Eric Hudson: President

  • Brita Miller: Secretary

  • Brian Main: Superintendent

  • Blaine Maxon

  • Greg Miller

  • Jeff Byrd



Police Commission
  • Charlie Hiester

  • James Emans

  • Michael Leman



Storm Water Board
  • Kent Koontz

  • Trend Weldy

  • Matt Cunningham



Cemetery Board
  • Lowell Martin

  • Carol Young

  • Janet Anglemyer


Tree Committee
  • Mike Venable

  • Joe Stiles

  • Alex Mikel

  • Brian Main

  • Jay Stoneburner



Department Heads
  • Jay Stoneburner: Electric Dept

  • Brad Kile: Chief of Police

  • Matt Neher: Fire Chief

  • Brian Main: Park and Recreation Dept.

  • Matt Cunningham: Wastewater Treatment Plant, Sanitary Collection, Storm Sewers

  • Keith Fraine: Sexton

  • Alex Mikel: Street and Water Dept.

  • Janet Anglemyer: Clerk-Treasurer



Lake of the Woods Regional Sanitation District Board
  • Matt Cunningham


Depository of Funds
  • 1st Source Bank

  • First Federal Savings Bank

  • Lake City Bank



German Township Advisory Board
  • Robert Huff

  • Don Meister

  • Jeff Monhaut


German Township Trustee
  • Benny J. Baker



German Township - Bremen Community Ambulance Service
  • Town Council

  • Township Advisory Board

  • Township Trustee

  • Janet Anglemyer: Clerk-Treasurer



German Township Assessor
  • Jennifer Stine