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You may have driven past the bright blue building on Ind. 106, just past the west edge of town near Miami Road, and wondered, “What is Bremen Arts Collective?”

In the simplest of terms, the purpose can be summed up in three little words: “MAKE SOME ART!”


Derek Jensen, founder and president of Bremen Arts Collective (BAC), used wooden 3D magnet letters to spell out MAKE SOME ART on the break room fridge with a sense of humor. The message has since become the unofficial slogan for BAC.

“Make Some Art” is exactly the reason Jensen decided to pursue his dream of opening The Workshop, where many people are doing just that – making some art! 

Bremen Arts Collective Board of Directors

Derek Jensen, Founder and President

Holly Heller, Vice President and Secretary

Heidi Krost, Treasurer

Kara Kovach, Member

Melissa Nunes, Member

Lauri Waidner, Member

Deanna Stiles, Member

BAC offers community classes, private art studios, a shared member workspace and wood shop, art parties, facility rental and more. Since August, more than 300 people have attended art classes at The Workshop, where the most popular offerings have included watercolor, pottery, stained glass, acrylic painting, moss art, teacup succulents, mosaics and more.

Providing the space and resources for local artists to grow and bloom is the main purpose behind BAC. The nonprofit organization’s official mission is, “to nurture, develop, and enable a community of local artists and artisans by providing the opportunity to create, collaborate, and educate.”

"Bremen Arts Collective is proud to contribute to the arts and culture of our community," Jensen said. "Not only does art enrich our community culture, but it also supports personal development, fosters community cohesion, and contributes to the overall well-being and vitality of the community. Art adds value in numerous ways that extend far beyond the realm of art itself."

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Bremen Arts Collective, Inc is incorporated as a nonprofit organization

OCT 23-24, 2021

First Bremen Art Market
takes place

JUNE 1, 2023

First of 5 private art studios is occupied by a resident artist, Susie Schaetzle


First art classes begin

JULY 30, 2021

Derek Jensen closes on the Senff Wood Products property

Oct '21 - Jun '23

Bremen Arts Collective building renovation

JUNE 24-25, 2023

Grand Opening Art Market and Ribbon Cutting

NOV 4-5, 2023

First Holiday Art Market

Interested in taking an art class?

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