Public Parks

Shadyside Park

Like many town's first parks, Bremen's Shadyside Park began as mostly vacant swampland adjacent to the nearby river. While the early history of the park has been somewhat lost, we do know that by 1914 the park gained two large slides that drew the interest of children and parents alike. Over the years, many iterations of slides at Shadyside have contributed to town lore and fond childhood memories. Today, the park serves as one of the community's two main sledding hills and also offers a playground, basketball court, large enclosed rental facility, and restrooms.

Sunnyside Park

Bremen's largest park dates back to 1910 and originated as the home field for a local men's baseball team. Teams came and went as the park continued to be developed, but active recreation now abounds at Sunnyside as the park hosts several youth leagues including softball, baseball, tennis, football, and soccer. The park also serves as the home of Bremen High School's men's and women's tennis, softball, soccer, and cross country programs. Traditions like the Firemen's Festival and Fourth of July Fireworks draw thousands of visitors to the park each year. Boasting additional facilities like a skate park, basketball and sand volleyball courts, paved walking trails, swimming pools, a small wetland and woodland, and a dog park, Sunnyside provides hours of enjoyment for Bremen residents and visitors alike. Often thought to have been named as the fitting antithesis to Shadyside Park, Sunnyside Park actually borrowed its name from a nearby housing development already called Sunnyside.

Shumaker Westside Park

In the 1970's, through collaboration with longtime Bremen resident Calvin Shumaker, Bremen gained Shumaker Westside Park--which for many years primarily hosted the daily meetings and luncheons of the local Senior Citizen group. More recently, the park has hosted the Bremen Holy Walk, monthly Park Board meetings, and other smaller events. Despite its proximity to SR 106, the park's open grassy areas, small playground, and gravel loop walking path sometimes get overlooked in favor of our more active parks. This makes Shumaker Westside Park a great destination for quiet walks, contemplative rests, or family gatherings. The park's main building "The Pines" gained its name from the surrounding pine trees that were once planted as part of a Boy Scouts fundraiser selling pine Christmas trees to residents.

Jane's Park

Jane's Park is a playground within Sunnyside Park built entirely by volunteers and their donations. Erected in 2000 as a memorial to local Dr. Jane Sieg-Stillson, the park honors Jane's choice to decline breast cancer treatment to preserve the life of her then unborn child. While Jane's heroic decision ultimately led to her passing, her memory lives on today as countless children enjoy the playground and remember that, as the hand painted welcome sign reads, "Jane's Park is My Park".