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Director of Operations

Trend Weldy enters his second career as the Town of Bremen's Director of Operations with great enthusiasm


Trend Weldy     enters his second career as the Town of Bremen's Director of Operations with great enthusiasm. He moved into this position with some knowledge already, as he saw what it encompassed during his time on the other side of the table as a Bremen Town Council Member. Weldy saw an opportunity for himself when the role opened after Rich Martin retired. In September, Weldy will celebrate one year as the town's manager, a year that he has called "a fun intellectual challenge."

In this new role, Weldy wears a number of different hats. He can be found mowing yards, fixing trash receptacles, working with new companies, collaborating with the town's superintendents, reporting to the council, calculating tax abatements, reviewing building permits and a variety of other day-to-day town operations tasks.

Prior to this job, Weldy worked for 32 years as a sales representative for Jostens. Weldy, born and raised in Bremen, stayed close to the town with that job, being responsible for the north central Indiana sales territory. Weldy retired from that position to start his employment with the town - an opportunity he was excited for as it required a new kind of thinking.

Another hat that Weldy adorns is that of a husband of 30 years and a father of two.  When not working on town projects or helping the residents, Weldy enjoys spending time with his family. Both of his children are now in college, his son attending Manchester University and his daughter studying at Purdue University.

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