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Built on mint

An article on the history of Bremen, Indiana.


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Residents of Bremen

Our Neighborhoods

Newcomers to our city quickly encounter a variety of traditional neighborhoods, each with its own unique community spirit. We value the historical architecture, and newer residential developments aim to replicate a 'hometown neighborhood' atmosphere.


Life in the Mint City

Many of us have chosen to make Bremen our home for a reason. The recent growth of our city comes as no surprise to those who reside here. Bremen has undeniably transformed into a welcoming place that residents can cherish throughout every phase of their lives. As we pave the way for our future while preserving our rich traditions, Bremen remains a top choice for those looking to establish lasting roots.


Town of Bremen Parks

The town consistently invests in enhancing our parks and recreational amenities, catering to the needs of our valued residents. With a total of six parks, our community provides abundant opportunities for activities such as kayaking, picnicking, fishing, sports, family gatherings, and refreshing swims in our pool. These parks serve as the backdrop for creating lasting, cherished memories for our residents. Explore each of them to discover the experiences they can offer your family!

Our Schools

Our town is deeply committed to delivering exceptional education to our residents and their families. The Bremen school system caters to students of all ages within the Bremen area, offering a wide range of educational opportunities. Our educational offerings span from preschool programs to young adult initiatives, ensuring that we support the growth and development of learners at every stage of their journey.

Children in School
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