Water Department

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123 E Mill St

Bremen, IN 46506


Current Staff

  • Tim Kulczar

  • Henry Aguayo

  • Mitch Yoder

  • Austin Langdon

  • Kevin Adams

Consumer Confidence Report

Alex Mikel



574-546-5487 (Fax)

Office hours:

Monday - Friday

7:00AM - 4:00PM

The Bremen Water Department personnel are on call 24/7. For problems that occur after hours, please call 574-546-3456. The Water Department would like to remind you that if you need to do any kind of digging on your property remember to “Call Before You Dig, It’s the Law”. Dial “811” or to get more information please visit www.iupps.org.


Nixle: We would like to encourage the community to sign up for “Nixle”. By having “Nixle” you can receive alerts for issues that are happening in our community. To sign up go to www.nixle.com .


Water Leaks:

Not sure if a water leak is your responsibility or ours? Please feel free to call and we will help solve any questions that we can. If you suspect there is a water leak that is the town’s responsibility please call us and make us aware of the issue. Do not forget, if you have a water leak, it also reflects on your sewage bill. Even a small leak can make a difference in your town bill. Check your faucets & toilets for even the slightest leak and call your plumber if you suspect a problem.


Water Plant:

The town’s first Water Plant was built in 1965 and is classified as a WT3 facility. The plant is capable of producing up to 2,000,000 gallons of water per day. The Town currently has three wells, which are located in the industrial park on 4.12 acres. The three wells produce 600 GPM and range in depth from 125’-157’. Our water is tested 365 days a year to ensure we are in compliance with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the USEPA standards. We have natural occurring fluoride in the water coming out of our wells. The natural level is below what the State Health Department recommends, so we add fluoride to get to the recommended level.


Water Distribution:

The Town has two elevated water towers The newest tower, which was built in 1990, holds 250,000 gallons of water Our oldest water tower in service was built in 1955 and capable of storing 300,000 Gallons of water. We also have a 1,000,000 gallon ground water reservoir located on the South East side of Town. We have 1,847 domestic water service connections & 227 fire hydrants



3/4"-1" Water taps: $800.00. Taps Larger than 1”: Contact Water Department

Rates Effective April 1, 2015

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